Name: Damian Pipes

Country: UK

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Member Since: April 2015

About Damian:

Damian Pipes is a Singer/Songwriter from Nottingham in England. He is passionate about all song-writing and writes in a number of different styles from up-tempo pop/rock songs and heartfelt ballads to modern country and indie rock. 

Damian specialises in creating commercial melodies and hooks with interesting lyrics and great content , telling a story from start to finish. Damian was also the vocalist and lyric writer to the Patrick Jumpen Euro dance hit "Solis Invicti" which was signed subsequently to the Ministry of Sound Record Label. He is the lead singer of the pop/rock band Yesterdays Fate who are produced by Canadian Rock Legend Paul Laine.  Damian is also a member of PRS and is currently writing with country songwriters and artists in Nashville. He is married with two children.