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Name: Geoff Allen

Country: USA

Email : Geoff.Allen@songwriter-elite.com

Member Since: March 2015

About Geoff:

I have been writing and performing music all of my life. I started performing professionally in high school. Though I have always been a musician, in order to feed myself and my family I have been a hotel manager, music theater manager, commodities trader and most recently a webmaster for ABC Radio, Cumulus Broadcasting and now CBS TV and Radio. 

Since 1998 I have been writing parody songs for a living. I syndicated those songs to over 200 radio stations in the United States through TMCentury and Dial Global. Both Bob Kingsley and Lon Helton have played my work on their radio shows. I have been a member of the long running radio show The Dorsey Gang (now Hawkeye and Dorsey In The Morning) on 96.3 KSCS in Dallas, TX. I am known as The Troubadour and write and perform comedy songs for the broadcast.

I continue to perform around Dallas and still write.