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Name: Kevin Nevel

Country: USA

Email : Kevin.Nevel@songwriter-elite.com


Member Since: January 2015

About Kevin:

My name is Kevin Nevel. Originally from Delavan, Wisconsin I’m now living north of Raleigh in Burlington, NC.   I’m a Country, Pop, Rock, Blues, R&B, Acoustics Folk songwriter working with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. My original/fresh, passionate and heartfelt Country songs are about sweet loves found, painful loves lost and eternal love of family growing stronger every day. Home is where my heart is; my heart's on home. Inspiration for my songs comes from humble life's experiences; My sweet Wife's love, Sorrow of a good love gone bad, A child's inner wisdom, Meditation fishing, Grandma's and Grandpa's straight forward "words of wisdom", The blessings of a loving family always there to support me, gratitude to God for each precious day of life, God's whisper in my ear. Romantic/Dramatic movies.  Many of my songs have a spiritual under tow to them. It’s my feeling to write ballads that stir the emotions of healing and upliftment even in some of my sad songs about love gone wrong or the loose of a loved one.

I have a professional Song Promoter promoting my songs Nashville, Tennessee. I’m also I’m currently involved in worldwide songwriting collaborations with

Singers/Musicians/Bands; Russian, Belarus, France, India, China, Japan,  New Zealand, UK & across the U.S.