I Will Ever Love You Till The End, Kolade Olamide, 2016.mp3

Wanna Be The One, Kolade Olamide, 2016.mp3

Alone But Not Alone, Kolade Olamide, 2016.mp3

Name: Kolade Olamide

Country: USA

Email : Kolade.Olamide@songwriter-elite.com

Website:  http://www.koladeolamideayodeji.com/

Member Since: August 2016

About Kolade:

Kolade Olamide Ayodeji is a prolific songwriter and lyricist. Kolade produces Pop, Hip Hop, R & B, Dance, Reggae and Gospel. His unique hit making ability is extraordinary and well-known for composing songs with hooky melody and groundbreaking beats.

Kolade entered semi-final in 2007 September’s contest of “Song of the Year” with the song titled “Trapped in the Dark” in the Lyrics category. He entered semifinal in 2007 November’s contest of “Song of the Year’ with the song titled “I Just Wanna Be One” in the Pop category.  He entered semifinal in the 2007 “U. K Songwriting Contest” with the lyrics of the song titled “I Gotta Rock You” in the Lyrics category.