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Name: Matt Rogers

Country: USA

Email : Matt.Rogers@songwriter-elite.com

Member Since: April 2015

About Matt: 

If you want someone’s attention—be different.” Matt Rogers has used that approach since he began performing. Bringing the freshest sound in country music, Matt Rogers delivers his unique approach to entertainment every time he steps in front of a microphone. As a singer and a songwriter, Matt’s original music is rich with emotion and struggle. He has recorded a five-song demo EP and has just released two new singles. Country music great TG Sheppard said of him, “You're the real deal man. You are the total package. You're a great singer, a great picker, and a great songwriter.” Nashville singer/songwriter Melonie Cannon said, "Loved the tone of your voice. That gravely sound in your voice...that's not something you can just pull off. That's a very cool sound—very unique. I don't know anybody with that voice—that's a good thing. Keep writing. I dig it.”