Name: Matthew Brown

Country: UK

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Member Since: June 2015

About Matthew:

I have been writing and performing music since my childhood, having been lucky enough to attend a school with a dedicated music department. I went on to embrace music fully, with a clear intention to make it my career. I managed to make ends meet as a DJ whilst touring with countless bands all throughout my twenties, learning everything the hard way. Ironically my lack of talent created talent, as the hard times I fell on and the personal disasters that followed gave me something true to write about, bringing me closer to music.

Now at age 35 I can’t stop writing and can manage to put together songs I had never dreamed I could. I still play in many bands and perform as a solo artist under the name Elison, but I now have the ability to see my skill lies in writing and the performance is just for the enjoyment and to see how songs work in front of strangers. Its fair to say I will never stop writing songs, it gives me clarity, but I am always hoping to pass that clarity on to others. As many as I can manage.