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Name: Phil Rynhart

Country: UK

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Member Since: January 2015

About Phil:

Started as assistant at Lad Lane Studio's Dublin, now Trend Studio's, mentored by the late Gus Dudgeon. BBC radio 2 Aled Jones picked one of Phil’s recordings as best of year 2009 on his Sunday show. Recently worked with a few legends recording at the Raunch studio. Phil has a 100% success of records getting airplay on major radio stations both here in the UK and in the US. Worked as a professional Musician/Bass player with some of the worlds greatest and best known. Clive Bunker,  Jetro Tull, Les Binks, Judas Priest, Denny Lane Wings, Pete Friesen, Alice Cooper, Jamie West-Oram, The Fixx, David Bowie and Tina Turner to name a few.
Founding member of Poormouth.